Tuesday, February 21

Time to shock the system

Yup, I'm going to shock my system, my family and most of all my hubby! I'm going to try hard to be organized. I am even going to join FlyLady . I decided I'm sick of never knowing what's for supper, what I'm doing each day for housework, the kids rooms being so messy, the house being disorganized. It's got to change.

Besides, my friend Jan has menu's made up for her family for the next couple of months. If she can do that, then so can I!! Sometimes peer pressure is a good thing :)

Mary Anne asked about the baby blanket. It's growing, slowly. Last night I got it up to 80 sts between the corners. Still not finished the first ball of yarn. I'm starting think that when it's done I'll put it away and keep it for my Dan's sister and her hubby get pregnant. It's a lot of work to give away to someone I don't know. I have some baby sweaters in my craft sale stock, I'll give one of them to Elizabeth to send to her friend. Back to the blanket, it's not going to be finished before the Olympics are over I'm afraid.

I cleaned out our fridge freezer this morning. Did an inventory of what's in there for food. It looks much neater now. I know what's in the freezer downstairs, one meat king and a bunch of strawberries. I got 3 flats of strawberries for my b-day last year. Sheri mentions that in 6 years she turns 40, and is feeling a bit old. She's just a baby! 17 months and I turn 40. (in case you are wondering, it was the mention of my b-day that brought that up, but you should go check out her cute little guy with his skates on!)

More laundry on the go today. Not sure what else. Probably some baking. I have the recipes books open to a cranberry muffin recipe and a chocolate chip/nut cookie recipe. And I have raisin bread going in the bread machine. I'm getting very domestic lately ... what's up with that????

Have a good day!


Donna said...

You sound very organized to me! I never plan a meal ahead of time unless we are having company! The blanket may join my sweater in not being finished in time. I had to frog 24 rows on the back last night because I left out the garter stitch part of the pattern and although nobody would probably notice, I couldn't stand it. So I have about 8 more rows to finish before I start the sleeves.

Mary Anne said...


you are already so organized you put me to shame. Flylady sounds like a good system. Maybe when you get your house sorted you can come over here and do mine :)

Anyone who is 40 is a baby to me!

Laura said...


The only problem I have with Flylady was the getting dressed immediately upon rising....I enjoy my mornings and do alot while in my morning attire, after which I shower and dress. Otherwise, it's a good plan....let me know how it goes for you.