Tuesday, February 14

Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is here. Kids have gone to school with their valentine's in their backpacks. We made paper pyramids, and put a chocolate kiss in each pyramid. I don't like buying those silly valentine's they make for kids to hand out.

I'm making sweet and sour meatballs for supper - need to buy pineapple tidbits when I go to work. And I'm making jello. I think I may make some heart shaped cakes for supper too.

I don't buy presents, I make special treats.

Yesterday a friend came and worked with Star for a couple of hours. She did some free lunging, and got her to "join up" with her. I don't come close to understanding what was going on; but it was impressive to see Star following her around at the end of an hour. Then she got on and rode her; with no problems! Now Dan is thinking we might keep her. (shaking head)

Katie and her friend got her room re-arranged yesterday, but not totally cleaned up. But, they were busy playing with my friends daughter and niece for a couple of hours. Katie went to bed and discovered that she was scared to sleep in her bed the way that it is now. Grrrrr

I've got just the thumb to do on thrummed mitten #3. That'll be done today, and #4 started. By Thursday I'll be working on my official Olympic project - I hope!

Have a good one!

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