Tuesday, February 28

What now??

What am I up to now? Not much at all!

I have messed up my shoulder again - rotary cuff. To lift anything hurts, to move certain ways hurts, to knit on anything heavier than a sock hurts. I am not a happy knitter :(

I decided to serge around the edges of a quilt that I tyed for Troy. It's only been waiting for over a year to be hemmed. Broke 3 needles and the thread kept breaking on me. Have no more needles, and there is nowhere here to buy any. So, now need to come up with another plan for that. I got half of one side done.

Hubby just left to go to the hardware store to buy some shelving to be used to build a storage unit/shelf thingee for our sons room. Later on we'll cover it with pine so that it fits our "shaker sort of" theme in the house. It'll replace his dresser.

Soon I have to go to work. It'll probably be another inside day, it's very cold out there.

And that's it for today.


Laura said...

I can fully understand the pain in your shoulder since I just got mine feeling relatively good again. I was hurting for a long time and finally went to a rheumatologist and got a shot for it. I'm thinking of you and hope you get some relief.....after all, a girl's gotta' knit, right?

Mary Anne said...

you poor kid. I know you've been coping with this pain off and on for a long time. I hope you get yourself to the dr. and find some relief soon. Take care.
warm hugs

Donna said...

Sorry to hear about your shoulder. Rotator cuff injury.....are you sure you aren't a pitcher? That's what they usually get.
I have arthritic knees, but they don't stop me from knitting thank goodness!
Feel better soon.