Wednesday, February 15

Sunny Day

What a nice day out there! The sun is shining, I have chickadees at my feeders (very rare occurance!), and the snow is melting a bit.

Yesterday afternoon I "played" with Star, and had her join up with me. Which basically means she followed me around without a lead line on her. It builds up trust between her and me. My friend came and did some work with her and rode her as well. This little pony is coming along nicely with her training, and may end up not being sold afterall. Or, being ridden all summer and being sold in the fall for more money than we are asking now.

I am now working on mitten #4. I have the cuff all done. I was working on it last night, but had to stop. I was too tired to focus on what I was doing. I stayed awake long enough to watch American Idol and House, but don't ask me what they were about, because I can't really remember. I have got to do a lot of knitting tonight if I want to be able to start the baby blanket tomorrow. It might not happen until Friday :(

This is my afternoon to volunteer in our school library. I take knitting there to work on, but not thrummed mittens. HEY!! I could start the baby blanket in the library! Up until now I was going to work on a dishcloth. Time for plan B :) (or would that be BB?)

Time for my cooking show to come up. We are getting lots of cable channels free, and I've fallen in love with 30 Minute Meals with Rachel Ray.


Mary Anne said...


good for Star and for you. Even if you do sell her in the fall, she'll have more potential.

Hey don't worry about not getting to your Olympic knitting. No stress knitting, that's what it's all about, kiddo.

Enjoy your cooking show. I like cooking shows too. All that yummy food and no calories.

lexa said...

I like 30 Minute Meals, too. She does some really neat, quick things. I haven't been watching it as much as I used to. My husband likes cooking shows that grill and bbq.

Thought I would be further along in my socks than I am, but I've been running around doing a lot of things lately, and it's cutting into my knitting time. Getting things ready for the new truck and trying to get things finalized with the accident from last summer is very time consuming. At least today we made more headway with the accident thing. Hopefully it will soon be over with.

Enjoy tomorrow's beautiful weather! I hear Friday is rain, and the weekend quite chilly!