Tuesday, February 7

I just sat down at the computer for a few minutes, and already an hour has gone by! It's 10 am and I haven't done a bit of work yet. Shame on me!

Managed to do some knitting last night. I'm now narrowing down the top of the hand of the first of 4 thrummed mittens. Here's hoping I have enough of the yarn to knit both mittens the same! It's going to be tight I'm afraid. I'll keep everything crossed that I have enough while I'm knitting that second mitten!

I did get some stuff accomplished on the computer this morning. I'm the Canadian Rep for the online support group for the syndrome that our son has. He has Opitz FG Syndrome; you can find more info here (man that link just didn't want to work for me!) Anyway, I updated the contact list for the Canadian families - there are 6 of us - and sent an email off to each of the other families. Last time I did this no one got back to me, so we'll see what happens this time.

Came very close to buying an angora sweater at the local
Frenchy's last night. Had it in my basket, then took a second look and noticed that the seams were serged, which meant I wouldn't be able to re-use the yarn. Darn :( It would have made a couple of really nice scarves. Guess I wasn't supposed to do that extra work.

Mary Anne, I can barely see our barn it's snowing that hard right now!

Donna, next time I'm heading to Liverpool I'll have to let you know, maybe we can meet? I don't go down that way very often though; at least not till late spring when riding lessons start up again. Katie goes here for her riding lessons.

Phew, just learned how to recover a post! That was a relief!

I'll take as a sign to get off this machine!

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Donna said...

I know where you mean. I drive by that street on my way to town. They are a nice young couple and it is nice to see that they are doing well. Let me know when you come and we can "do lunch" maybe.