Monday, February 13

it's a snow day Monday - YUCK!

Man do I ever wish there was school today!!! The kids are driving me crazy!!

I just looked in Katie's room - big mistake! I'm not sure what they are doing in there, and I'm even less sure that I want to know! I think they are re-arranging it; thing is it only works the way it is now.

Troy and the dog are getting on each others nerves. And thus getting on my nerves.

Our TV has decided to not work; which means I can't watch the cooking shows that I've grown to like in the last 2 weeks. In fact, can't watch anything on it at all. :(

I did manage to get a bit more done on mitten #3 this morning; put the sts for the thumb on a holder, and did a few rows of the hand.

And laundry - I've got more laundry to do.

I HATE MONDAYS!!!!!!! (well, this one anyway)

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