Wednesday, February 8

I'm training my daughter well

We went to the hospitals second hand shop today. Had things to take to them to sell, and looked for things to buy as well. Usually get lots of clothes for the kids there; it's fill a grocery bag for $1.00, but didn't have much luck today.

Katie comes up to me with a sweater. Just checked the contents - no tag, but it's a "Rhonda B" design. I think it's cotton, feels like cotton. The colors are fallish; orange, red, browns, greenish/brown, variegated so it's all splotchy. And the seams aren't serged :) Anyway, she says to me "Mom, are you thinking what I'm thinking?" "I don't know, what are you thinking" "That this would make some pretty socks".

$3.00 later we left with that sweater, a pair of sleep pants for Troy, a horse sweatshirt for Katie (that she doesn't know about), a Hi-Q game, a chinese checkers game and a toy iron. Understand now why I like to shop there?? Plus it supports a great cause!

Now I have to do some laundry (again) and get some supper started. Same ol' same ol'

Oh, I went to the dentist this morning. He did 2 fillings, have 2 more to go then I think all my dental work is caught up. I have a huge fear of dentists! If it weren't for the great dental plan we have I wouldn't be going to one now! Anyway, as he was working he poked on of my other cavities, seeing how bad it was. It hurt! Kept hurting for a while, but now it's not so bad. Hopefully it won't start hurting again.

Happy Day everyone!

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lexa said...

Our store is in Liverpool, NS and is called Memory Lane Photo. We're on the waterfront off the main parking lot in town. Hopefully our order will be in next week. I will post it when it does arrive. We can mail stuff out, too, if you can't make it here. We have a fair bit of Regia coming in, and we want more Fortissima Socka, too. We were trying to find out if our same supplier still carries it or not - it wasn't on their web site.