Thursday, February 23

I've accepted that I won't get gold

and that is fine with me.

My Aunt called the Children's hospital in the city. She is part of a group that knits for them, so she called to see if they needed mittens or baby outfits. Was told that what they really need is finger puppets. So, the rush is on to get a bunch of finger puppets done for them. I know someone who is going for an appt on March 8th, and will make the delivery for us.

My Mom, sister and I always knit them a bunch each year. This year we had thought about taking it easy and not doing as many. Now we're focused on them. My Mom had made the New Years goal of 200 puppets a month; she's now doing as many as she can. For her, that's pretty good. She was really sick back in November.

So you know what, I'm setting aside the baby blanket to do puppets for a while. And the gold medal will be the one that I have in my heart, knowing that I'm helping to make some little kid feel good.


Donna said...

I agree. The gold you get for the puppets is much more worthwhile than the one you get for the baby blanket! Congrats!

Laura said...

You go, girl! Making a child happy is more important than anything else and you're going to do just that!