Saturday, February 18

Saturday, day before the race

Yup, just like that, I forgot the name of the big car race that is on tomorrow. Daytona! That's it!!

The guys are rigging up the big screen in our living room again. Daytona on a huge (7X11foot) screen, with complete surround sound. Troy and Jan and their two boys are coming up. Just them as far as I know. Deep fried fish, home-made fries, onion rings and pepperoni on the menu. Plus chips, home-made pretzels, broccoli and dip, crackers, red roasted pepper dip and maybe some shrimp dip. And pop to drink. Oh, chocolate cake for dessert. The two guys went and did all the shopping; and they did a good job.

Oh, the best thing the guys bought - both wives got roses. A pre-made bouquet of them; at least 24 of them in mine, maybe more. Jan counted 21 in hers. I got nice pretty red ones, with babys breath in them. I'd love to take a picture to show you; but no camera :(

Today I've made two batches of rice krispie squares. One regular, and one with chocolate chips mixed in. I'm freezing some of them to use for the kids lunches and snacks. I'm trying to be more organized. (which will really shock my hubby)

Had someone come and see our pony today. She's not sure if she wants her or not; but she's thinking. She asked if we would be open to having her take her for a month on a trial basis (at her expense). We'll think about that.

My baby blanket has gone from 4 stitches on each side to 60 stitches on each side. I'm on the round needles now. It's growing, slowly. I'm enjoying it still, which is good. I haven't knit a baby blanket before because I get bored of them before I'm done.

Guess that's it for today.


Laura said...

Your menu sounds yummy, especially the chocoate cake....such lucky guys! :)

Mary Anne said...


wow, all that food sounds delicious, esp. the chocolate cake!
and roses for you - wonderful. I hope everyone enjoys the day.
Good news on your baby blanket too.

lexa said...

My three-year-old's favorite won the race today. Well, I say favorite, but I think really he just likes to say "fordyyate". My boys have a bunch of little Nascars, and the littlest was wearing a Jeff Gordon hat today.

Baby blankets do get tiresome. The last one I made seemed like it took forever. Was glad when it was finished, that's for sure!