Friday, February 3

Friday - still

HI again :)

The guys asked if I could make pretzels for Sunday night; so I have a batch of dough on the go in the bread machine. I'll do a test batch today, and if they turn out I'll make more on Sunday.

Just don't ask me how I'm going to find the time. Sunday morning is church. At 2:00 the ladies aux. group is getting together to clean the kitchen at the fire hall; it's a mess and needs a good cleaning. Sunday night is the girls superbowl get-together, as well as a horse club meeting. I want to go to the horse club meeting; I know people will be wanting to ask about the new horse. Plus gives me a chance to promote Star being for sale.

Troy did end up coming home. Grrrr. Acutally, he's been downstairs watching Dad and "Poppa Troy" work on projects. Right now they are fixing drawers in a dresser.

I've got a pain in my right shoulder blade. Need to find a tennis ball and pop my rib back into place I suspect. Or it could be a gas bubble, they feel about the same. Sometimes I wish I was still a baby and could be burped :) But I also understand why babies cry when they need to be burped.

Haven't touched my knitting at all today. Haven't really had time to yet. Did get my grocery shopping done though. Forgot cat food and litter though.

Think I'll go try to mess around with my blog templates now.

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Donna said...

Hi Dorothy,
Sorry to hear you are having a down day. The weather doesn't bode well for sunshine in the next few days to help cheer you up either.
Hopefully being able to work on this blog and knowing people read it and are interested in what goes on with you and your family will help. Have a nice weekend and don't get washed away with all the rain and melted snow!!