Monday, February 20

Monday, again

Funny how the days keep coming and coming. Oh well, guess that is a good thing, right??

Daytona day went well yesterday. Troy and Jan's boys were thrilled to see the race on the big screen. The two guys did all the cooking. I do have to admit though, the race didn't thrill me at all. I'm not into car racing. I did enjoy Bon Jovi before hand though :) We did have the small TV in the kitchen on the race as well, and I did watch parts of it. Mostly the crashes. But how uninterested was I? I missed the end of the race because I was out feeding the horses. I also did the kitchen clean up for the guys.

I also knit. I cast on a Yarn Harlot poncho, and got about 6" of it done. I'm hopefully going to be teaching a knitting class on the poncho at the local craft store, and need to get a sample one done to hang in the store. And before anyone asks, yes, I have Stephanie's permission to use her pattern for the class.

Just called the lady I knit the thrummed mittens for and told her they were done. And they are, I just finished sewing the ends in :)

Yesterday our minister announced that he is leaving our church. He and his family will be moving to the Chester area, where he will have two churches to minister to. We'll miss him. But as they say, chance is good. Now our church has to start looking for a new minister.

Today I'm not doing anything exciting. Laundry. Yippee. Starting to do the housework to get the house all cleaned up and ready for my Epicure party on Friday night. Have 12 ladies who said they are coming. Hopefully the weather will be good, and they will all come. Hey, readers from down the south shore further, want to come to a party??

We may have sold our pony. The lady would like to take her for a month on a trial basis. She owns a half-sister to our horse :)

Have a good day!

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Mary Anne said...


I know you'll be a wonderful knitting teacher with all your experience.

Dare I ask - how's the Olympic baby blanket coming along? :)