Monday, January 23

It's Monday

You know how I can tell? It's quiet in my house, the kids have gone to school and hubby has gone to work :)

So far today I've gotten a load of laundry washed, and one coat of paint put on a door. All that and it's only 9:40! Oh of course I did all the regular stuff like breakfast, make lunches, feed the dog, get the kids out the door to get one the bus, have my breakfast, have some coffee, play a computer game for a bit, guess that's it.

I have a pair of thrummed mittens on the go. Ready to take the sts off for the thumb. My goal is to have this pair done by the end of the week. I'll take them to crafting night with me tonight; might get some work done on them there.

Tonight I go to shelf at the food bank. Can't remember for sure what time it is though; I'm thinking 6:30. I'll have to stop by later on and take a peek at the schedule. Today we get a delivery in from the food bank in the city; so that means there will be quite a bit for us to do tonight. Plus I have a laundry basket full of food from our church to take in.

Had to go out for a bit, I'm back now. Funny that I was typing about the food bank when the phone rang. I needed to go give my "emergency contact" keys to the people who are meeting the truck from the city; the two sets of keys that are supposed to be at a third office for them to use are both signed out and not returned. Guess what will be brought up at our next meeting?

Now, can I remember what I was going to type? Nope! So I guess I'll say "see ya" for now.

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Mary Anne said...


you amaze me with your ability to get so much done each day! I read your accomplishments and I feel the need to lie down and sleep :)

I hope you take some time for yourself to relax.