Wednesday, January 25

It's Wednesday.

Anyone notice a trend here? Three days in a row that I've posted! That must be a record for me!

I had plans for today. This is my afternoon to volunteer in the school library. Nope. Son came home from school sick this morning. So he's flaked out on the sofa watching Hose Hounds. I usually knit on finger puppets in the library, so I've done a few of them this afternoon.

Last night I finished off the earwarmers. They are packaged up, ready to get put in the mail on Friday.

Now to get my fingers busy on the thrummed mittens. I need someone to make the thrumms for me; that is the part of the process that I don't like. And my kids are no help. One loses interest after he makes 3 thrumms, and the other makes them the right size, then they start getting thicker and thicker and thicker.

Thought of starting the sample poncho for the knitting class. Discovered that my 9mm round needle has somehow gotten broken. So have to wait for the craft shop to get the needles in. Besides, I really need to get those darn mittens finished!

At the risk of hearing Mary Anne's wrath - the weather man is calling for more snow for us again tonight. Sounds like we are supposed to get quite a bit, and some wind. Possibly a snow day tomorrow?? And that's all I'm going to say about snow.

I'm going to be knitting a pair of socks for Mary Anne. I'm so happy that she is going to let me do them for her. She's been such a great friend, and she deserves to have the yarn she wants to be socks to be made into socks for her.

This is what I am making for the Kniting Olympics. I'm not a fan of knitting baby things. Never done a blanket like this before. So it'll be a challenge to me.

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Donna said...

Hi Dorothy,
I just finished checking out your blog and you are one very busy lady. I love knitting the thrummed mittens, but like you, hate pulling all the thrumming stuff.
I do use a pattern for my boiled wool mittens, which I got from FibreTrends. My favourite shop is Have a Yarn in Mahone Bay, but our liitle shop in Liverpool is getting better stuff in lately. If I find any free patterns, I will send them along to you.