Wednesday, January 4


Blog titles, why are they so hard for me to come up with??? I just can't seem to come up with really unique and creative ones. Oh well.

The kids and I have to go into town later and pick up Troy's meds. It's sounds like going into town is a big trip; all 3 minutes or so that it'll take :)

We'll be stopping at the grocery store on the way to the drugstore. I need some koolaid. Really really really need it! Why? Why to dye yarn of course! :) I was given some nice cotton yarn for Christmas. I've been thinking about what I should make with it. Today inspiration hit. I'll dye it, then knit myself some slippers with it. It's cotton, it shouldn't wear out too quickly. And I think I'll have enough yarn for 2 pair.

I've been thinking for years of making a bunch of slippers to have in a basket in our entry way. It's going to happen this year! I have 2 pair ready to be sewn up. And I have a simple pattern that I can knit a pair of in 2 evenings. Something besides socks to work on. I gave my friend Elizabeth and her family a bunch of knit slippers as a house warming gift. She says her girls wear them upstairs, and they tend to stay up there :)

I finished my hubby's socks this morning. He'll be wearing them this weekend as he curls in a bonspeil. I sure hope they bring him luck!

I took finger puppets to work on in the library this afternoon. Wanted something easy to work on.

Tonight I have to cast on my brothers second sock. Or my first sock. Or maybe both. Can't remember what is on TV tonight that I watch. I'm anxious to start mine; it's a self-patterning yarn - can't wait to see the pattern.

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