Saturday, January 7

What's New??

This morning I finished off one sock of a pair for me. Now I've put that yarn aside, and will finish my brothers socks before I work on mine anymore. It was a self-patterning yarn, and I just HAD to see how the pattern was going to work up. Besides, I can't decide if I should make paternal or faternal twins :) (that comment confused my hubby so much!)

Had a food bank board meeting today. I'm the new emergency contact person. If for some reason someone has no food, they can contact me, and I can get them some food. What a feeling of authority :)

Hubby is curling this weekend. So far they have lost their games. Tonight they go out for a roast beef supper, then curl shortly after that. The important thing is that they are having fun. I hope they enjoy their supper. It's being catered by the Ladies Aux. of the fire dept; and I'm usually one of the ones helping to make/serve the food. It's strange not to be there helping. But, strange in a good way.

I did knit a few finger puppets the other day. Time to get working on them again. But not as steadily as before, at least I don't think so.

I found an online pattern for a square baby blanket. It's been calling me to make it. I don't know anyone having a baby. Well, my friends sister is having a baby; could make it for her I suppose - except that I don't know her. But I just want to try the pattern. Can't try it until brothers socks are done though!

Decided to knit myself slippers with the yarn that I got for Christmas. Dyed it various shades of red, with a little blue the other night. It didn't turn out quite the way I wanted it to, but it still looks OK. The pattern is in Socks, Socks, Socks. Special Occasion Slippers.

Oh, Mary Anne, Troy has claimed the sweater, despite the fact that it's a bit too big for him. You almost got it!!

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