Saturday, January 28

It's Saturday

It's party day! Tonight is our Ladies Aux "Smoker". It's a party we have every January. All drinks and food are supplied by us (bought, not brought). We play some games, and have fun. It's our "kick off" to the new year. The firemen had their smoker last week, and some of the ladies had a pre-smoker at one of the members houses.

Katie had a fun curling tournament. The junior curlers from a nearby town came and they played against each other. Just for fun. She feel between games and hurt her leg, and then started to not feel well, so we left early. Got our groceries and came home.

We just got done doing some riding. I attempted to ride Dee down the road, but got scared and came home. Then hubby took her down the road. He's much braver than me! Katie rode Tiny. Then Troy got on and rode Tiny all my himself. He went 4 complete trips around our riding area with no help; and several part times around with help. This is a huge step for him; first time he rode without someone leading since he fell off almost 2 years ago. I'm so proud of him!

I did some knitting while Katie was curling. I started a chick-knits bucket hat for me. Not often I knit for me. But, at work on Thursday my head was really cold, and I decided that I needed a good hat. I'm ready to start the decreases soon.

Sorry Mary Anne, no baking yesterday. I ran out of flour. Had to buy more today. Hope to get some cookies made tomorrow though. (and our snow is melting)

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Mary Anne said...


I hope you have a fun time tonight at your party!

Yay for Troy on his riding ability.

I think I should make a chicknits bucket hat too, maybe out of cotton for the summer months. Thanks for the inspiration.
ps: keep baking :)