Friday, January 27

It's Friday

Bet that title didn't surprise anyone :)

Troy is home again today. He probably could have gone to school, but he's still a tiny bit feverish, so I decided to keep him home.

And since Dan is out of town working today, that means I have no one to watch him at lunchtime today. Ahhh, means I need to miss a day of work. Boohoo. It's going to be an inside day today anyway; the windchill is too low for the kids to be outside playing. And inside days they can't do with less supervisors than outside days.

We're doing housework; he's been sweeping the floors for me.

This afternoon I've got a friend coming over to discuss me selling things on eBay for her. Been a while since I've listed anything, so I had to go online and see what all the fees were.

Since it's Friday, one of the things that I look forward to all week happens today. Miss Woolly Knits updates her blog. I look forward to it all week, honestly.

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Mary Anne said...


you are so nice, thank you.

Poor Troy. I hope he feels better soon.

What good smells were coming from your kitchen today? It seems you always have something yummy on the stove or in the oven.