Tuesday, January 31

Playing around

Ever get an idea in your head ... and it just won't leave?
That happened to me yesterday. But then it spread to hubby. OH DEAR!!!

I was telling him about square knitting needles. Showed him some pictures. Looked at a youtube video about turning 2.75mm knitting needles (hoping that would encourage him to turn me some needles ... it didn't)

Then we went to the basement (where his workshop is). About an hour later I had a set of 3mm square double ended needles. Have about 2" of a sock knit on them already.

We also made some 3.75mm ones; going to get some knitting friends to test them for me; give me their opinion on them.

Have pictures, they are on the camera ... hope to get them off tonight.

1 comment:

lexa said...

Sounds interesting! Looking forward to the pictures. :)