Sunday, October 1

It's a girl!!!

My sister had her baby yesterday afternoon. An 8lb 4oz little girl. They named her Mary Elizabeth.

Spent the day yesterday helping out at a flea market the animal shelter had - made quite a bit of money for them. But what a loonnggg day it was! Got home for about 15 minutes, then had to go to the fire hall to help with a catering job there. I was so worn out that I came home at 8 (left before the kitchen clean up)

I did get two big bags of yarn, one has a partially finished sweater in it. Haven't had a chance yet to go through them, will do that sometime today.

Did think of going to see my new niece today, but since I'm still fighting a cold, and Katie has come down with it today, I think we'll avoid the hospital.

Have a good one!


Donna said...

Congrats on your new little niece. Better to not visit and share the cold with them. Babe should be ok but mom might get it and that would be miserable for her.
Have a great week!

Teri said...

Wonderful news - welcome to the world, Mary Elizabeth!

Doro, you're always so busy it wears me out just reading about your life. By the way, how's Troy doing?

Laura said...

You must be very excited, Aunt Dorothy....congratulations!