Monday, September 25


A couple of years ago a young girl in our church played a tune on an ocarina. I loved the sound of it. Last year I told my SIL that's what I wanted for Christmas. I got jewelery.
Hubby got home yesterday after being gone for 10 days, and he brought me home one. :) This is where there will eventually be a picture of it. I forgot that he took the camera canoeing with him today. Oh, I'll borrow a picture, since I know where there is a picture of one just like mine. Guess I'll have to try that later, blogger won't let me upload anything. Verne, I'll try again after supper.

Our son had some more seizures last night. Three times in 2 weeks. Sent an email off to his neurologist at 2:30 this morning, heard back from him, called the office, and am going to see him tomorrow. We LOVE our neurologist!! I hope he'll have some wonderful insight for us, and hopefully some answers. I predict a medicine change; just hope it works. These night-time seizures are getting very hard on my nerves!


Mary Anne said...

I hope a medicine change is all that will be needed. Yay for you with the Ocarina. Can't wait to see a photo of one - or maybe one of you playing?

Donna said...

Hope you get your son's seizures straightened out. It must be difficult never knowing when the next one will be.
What is an ocarina?
I hate the word verifications that have the stupid q/g in it and I can never seem to pick the right one!!! Then I end up having to do it again.

Erin said...

Hi Dorothy
Since ARF seems to be down still I thought I'd leave a note here in hopes you'll see it.
Still coming home next week, still up for a ride if you are. drop me an email or gimme a jingle when I'm home!