Wednesday, September 13


Been a while since I posted; it's been busy around here!!

Found out that I'm getting a new niece or nephew the first of October. Sister found out she is expecting - it's a total surprise to them! But a happy surprise! Their daughter is 23.

I've been knitting face/dish clothes. See???

It's hard to see, but in the greens there are two that are just stitch patterns, a dragonfly, a turtle, a fish, a dolphin and a Star Trek symbol. In the beige is a horse (with no tail yet), a house, A NS cloth and a stitch pattern one.

This is a multi-directional scarf I knit using 1 ball of SnowFlake yarn. My Mom asked if I had more; she would have liked a "dickie" made of it. Don't have any more of it, but do have some other yarn I can use - it's so nice when she asks for something specific - makes Christmas easier! :)

And this is what my craft room is looking like right now. That wooden cabinet on the right (in the second picture) is where Katie keeps her craft stuff. The room is messy right now; I was just given some yarn to store, and have been told there is another big bag coming. I'm also sorting out my magazines; which is why they are on the countertop. Plus I've got a pile of craft sale stuff started on the far left hand side. It's nowhere near as bad as it used to be though!!

Final picture for today! This is Geni. She's a long hair calico, about 1 year old. We are fostering her until her "forever home" can be found. She's spayed, very affectionate, a bit of a night owl, and very sweet. If you live close and would like to adopt her, please let me know. Not that we mind having her, but she wakes us up at night - our other cat never sleeps with us.

Have a good one!


Jennifer said...

Yep! Surprise!
: )

I think I can see most of the dishcloth pictures, but I'm not seeing any house. Is the horse without a tail any relation to the horse with no name? (La la, la, la-la la-la la...)

I'll probably be sending an e-card later, but pass on a Happy Birhtday tomorrow!

Dorothy said...

Jennifer (big sister to be), the house is the bottom left hand side one. They are hard to see. Horse with no tail is because I haven't taken the time to tie the tail on yet :)

I'm a big meanie Mom - I'm cleaning Katie's room tomorrow as her b-day present!

lexa said...

What a pretty kitty! Hope you find a permanent home for her. I already have three cats. Don't think they'd like another!

Donna said...

A beautiful cat but would not like it here with our Airedale. Apparently they hate cats! She has never actually been around one, but that is what I have heard.
Your dishcloths look wonderful and the patterns are easy to see, but must be a pain to do!

Mary Anne said...

Those are lovely dishcloths, Dorothy. Your crafts room is awesome! What a treat it will be to play in there.

Laura said...

I love your craft room, Dorothy. You'll have everything sorted soon and you'll be crafting away! :)

The cat is adorable but we have 2 already. If it was up to me, we'd have more.

lexa said...

If you get in the store on Friday Mary will probably be working, or Karen, the owner. I work til 2:30. It was supposed to be my weekend, but I had to change it because of the concert. We may go in Friday evening. The hotel I booked at made me take both nights, regardless if I use the first night or not.

I was in the store for a quick minute today. There were two boxes of yarn. We got all the colors of the new Bernat Black Lites, plus we have the new Bernat Haven and Camouflage. We've been getting in some new yarns. Be sure to check out Patons SWS. It's really soft (soy/wool).

So many yarns, so little time! (And not enough money!)

Hope to catch you the next time you're in the store!

Dorothy said...

Love the dishcloths. As soon as I can remember how, I'll be posting links to a few dishcloths I did with different stitch patterns. One of them looks quite a bit like the one you did in the first row of blue/greens (second from the top).

You're the second Dorothy to comment on my blog. Funny!