Saturday, August 26

17 years

Hubby and I have been married for 17 years today.

I spent the evening at the firehall catering a small wedding there (with the ladies aux).

Shortly after I got there to start working my friend Elizabeth showed up. She works at the flower shop in town. She was there on "official business"; delivering 17 pink roses to me :)

The heat in the kitchen made them open up quite a bit, and they are now at the point where I want them to be for drying. So I'm not putting them in water. I'll dry them, and put then in the craft room (I think)

Pictures of knitting tomorrow maybe. I gave my friend the skull and crossbones cloth and forgot to take a picture first. Have asked her to send me a picture.


lexa said...

Happy anniversary! Beautiful flowers - they'll be really nice dried.

Mary Anne said...

Happy anniversary to you!!!

Donna said...

Congrats on your 17th anniversary! And what a nice husband to send you those lovely roses!

Laura said...

A belated Happy Anniversary to both of you! Your roses are so lovely.

Barbara said...

Way to go! 17 years! Congratulations (belated :(

Teri said...

Happy belated Anniversary, Doro! Lovely flowers