Wednesday, August 9

Off to the Ex

Our family is at the Shelburne Ex this week. All 4 of us are competing in the light horse stuff in some way. Plus I'm working in the canteen each evening.

This is my first time ever riding in a show. I'm nervous - but having fun!! Last night I got third in the stake race, and this morning I got third in equitation. (there were 6 of us in that class!)

Home for a lunch break, then back in to do more riding.

Have a good one!


lexa said...

Have fun! I haven't been to the Shelburne Ex since I was maybe five or six, if that. I don't remember it, but I'm sure there's pictures of me and my cousins up to Ma's place taken on a Merry-Go-Round there. I have an old pillow still that is blue and red and has a polar bear on it that my brother won me. I remember him coming back to our grandparents place one time, too, with a stuffy that he won for me there. I was probably nine-ish. I don't have that one any more.

Donna said...

Sounds like lots of fun and perfect weather for it as well! I hope you all do well and bring home lots of ribbons or medals or whatever horses get!!

Mary Anne said...

I hope all went well and your family won lots of ribbons - but mostly I hope you all had a fun day!