Monday, February 11

Snow Day

It's a snow day here. It's a snow day in Nova Scotia. It's a day to sit and knit. (yup, I dream!!)

Valentine's Day is coming. Have you bought or made something special for your sweetheart yet? My hubby is getting a sock and half. And, if I'm energetic, he'll also get a new toe on a pair of socks he already has. He already bought me my present - new leather gloves for working with the horses. Mine aren't quite like the ones pictures, but close to that. We're such a romantic couple :)

Nothing else to say. Updated the puppet count.

Have a good one!


Donna said...

So you can sit home and knit? With your kids home from school? Good luck on that one!
Am I the only one that has trouble with the g's and the q's in the word verification? Especially when it is a straight line!?

lexa said...

Tomorrow and/or Thursday could be iffy for school, too. Even though I did see according to the government weather site that we are downgraded from a winter storm watch to a heavy rainfall warning.

Mary Anne said...

I hope you all enjoyed your snow day! Love the gloves.