Saturday, March 8


Does anyone know when the official date is? Going by past years I'm assuming it's the second Saturday in June; which makes it June 14th this year.

There is going to be a small event in Shelburne. Location and such will be announced later on. So far we know there will be tea, coffee and food. Hopefully some local knitters will come; there'll be 3 of us there for sure :) And some knitters from "afar" ... hey Knitterpuddlians - consider this your formal invitation!!

At the same time there will be specical displays set up at the museums about the Loyalists in Shelburne - it's our 225th anniversary. Lots of events planned throughout the year.

I updated the finger puppet count. And a delivery was made this past week. I didn't count them, just filled three bags full and sent them on their way. The daughter of a friend of mine was going in for some surgery on Thursday, so they offered to deliver them for me. Finger puppets, and 24 cast socks. :)

Have a good one!!


Mary Anne said...

unbelievable, over 1200 puppets! Yay for you and everyone who has contributed.
ps: I don't know what wwkip means?

lexa said...

I'm going to see if we can do some sort of special sale for WWKIP. Considering you are a little bit away and are having a do in your town, maybe we can do some sort of coupons that WWKIP participants can get to use at the store when they get down our way. I'll have to see what I will be allowed to do. Then I could just mail you the coupons, and anyone who shows up can be given one. (I've been thinking of seeing if we can do 25% off all regular priced items in the B&S department, yarn, accessories, patterns...)

Last year it was my weekend to work, so I'm not sure where/what I'll be doing.

Susan said...

adorable finger puppets!
or should I say A"doro"ble!
more puppets here

lexa said...

Must be this one, I only ever did one with a flower. Glad to hear that it was put to good use!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy!
I don't know what WWKIP is either. Can you enlighten me, please? Thanks!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I feel kind of dumb now that you spelled out what WWKIP stands for. Duh!
Anyway, I would love to join you, with my knitting. Maybe get some yarn delivered to you at long last, and same with the puppets. I have only 7 done so far. There will be more. I am having fun putting some "hair" on them and goofy faces.
My kids claimed one already or it would have been 8 to donate.

By the way, that is an incredible total so far. WOW!!