Friday, December 26

Merry Christmas/Happy New Year

I hope that whoever is reading this had a very Merry Christmas yesterday, and that the New Year will be a very happy one for you!

Last week my Mom had a valve replaced on her heart. Complications set in, and she is still in ICU in Halifax. She is showing signs of improvement every day. But, it's been a hard holiday season for me. She's 2 hours away, and even though family is going to see her, I can't go, because I have a head cold.

My MIL came and spent Christmas with us. We had an early dinner yesterday, and she went back to Moncton. Tomorrow she heads back to Florida for the rest of the winter. She gave us a Wii ... the kids and hubby are thrilled!

My SIL had my name, and she crocheted me an afghan. It's my second favorite gift. My favorite is "Murphy" I've had him for about a month now ... and he made the Christmas baking a breeze.

I had someone stop me at the mall the other day and tell me how much they loved my purse. Barbara ... you're a star :) My daughter wants me to knit her one ... so I may have to break down and order some yarn from B&L; or buy some white and dye it myself.

On my needles now are a pair of socks for my hubby. A blue yarn that self stripes - too lazy to get up and go see the name of it. The pattern has a simple cable running down each side of the leg. Yup, cables ... I've become addicted to them. I've also knit myself a cabled neck warmer, that is still waiting to be ... what is that word ... you know, when you get it wet then stretch it into shape and let it dry... darn!!! Hate it when I can't think of a word.

Have a Happy Holiday!!


Donna M said...

Blocked is the word you are thinking of and what happened to your thought process!
Sorry about your Mom. We'll think good thoughts for her!

Mary Anne said...

Happy Boxing Day, Dorothy, and best wishes for your mom's complete recovery.

lexa said...

Hope your mom recovers quickly. I hope to get us a Wii for Easter. I think it'd be a blast!

Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Thanks Dorothy!
Hope your mom recovers quickly and completely. There is no good time for health problems.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Happy New Year, Dorothy!

How's your Mom?