Friday, January 2

Happy New Year

Let's start of the first post of the new year with a picture that our daughter took yesterday morning. Just beyond the horses fence. We saw 2 deer there later in the day. Collective "Awwww" moment :)

Mom is doing a bit better each day. She has been sitting up, and breating on her own a bit. Slow but steady.

I'm still fighting my cold. My friend was home from NB for Christmas ... and this morning I managed to spent 2 hours with her. Barely. Wiped me out for the rest of the day!!

I've crocheted a big granny square afghan. And knit some bookmarks. No pictures because I'm lazy. :)

Does anyone happen to have the book Greetings From the Knit Cafe? I'd love to have the pattern to make this I think it's about 200 sts, with an aran weight yarn, a 11 stitch chevron repeat ... but what I can't find by looking at various pictures online is ... what size needle, and is it single or doubled?

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Fantastic picture, Katie! Wow!

Hey Dorothy, maybe she can be the photographer for your blog.
Glad to hear that your mom is making steady improvements. Thank goodness.

Happy New Year. Keep the posts, and pictures, coming. ;)