Sunday, October 19

What's up??

Today we went and picked up 17 little bantam chickens. 16 hens and one rooster by the looks of them. One hen escaped, and if they are able to catch her we'll get her too. But, they are new :) Hopefully the rooster won't be a crower, the lady we got them from says she has never heard it crow. They are tiny compared to our other chickens. Four of them look like little versions of Chester (our black breasted red phoenix) .. they may be these Could be fun trying to figure out what they all are. Some she said were "frizzles"; only ours are grey/brown. I'll have to get pictures over the next few days.

Mary also came to spend a few days with us. I'm not used to having an active 2 year old around!! She and Pooh are cuddled up having a nap right now ... I'm amazed how easy it was to get her to nap ... cause I hear my sister saying how hard it is to get her to nap. PHEW! (Jennifer, if you're reading this, I'm sure it's just beginners luck!) I'm looking forward to spending the days with her .. should be an experience!

Guess that's it for now.


lexa said...

What, no cows yet? LOL!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Get cows! Highly recommend!