Thursday, October 30


fingerless mitts knit for a friend of Katie. Mitt Envy is the pattern. Fun easy knit .. nice introduction to cables for me. Forgot to say that I left out one of the pattern repeats, found that the mitt was too long with all the ones that the pattern called for in there.

socks I knit for me. I was wearing them when taking the other pictures, so I figured "why not?".

Socks that I am knitting for the father of an online friend. The second one is now down to having about half of the heel flap knit.

a dishcloth. MIL is getting a bunch of these for Christmas. 2 done ... many more to go. Have a 1lb ball of the yarn.

And that, dear readers, is what I've been up to.

My mom has asked me to make some tatted bookmarks for her. Have to look to see if I have the paper I glued the tatting onto or not. If not, I might have to send hubby hunting for it ... heaven help me!


Mary Anne said...

Hey, there are pictures here!
Everything looks lovely, Dorothy and nice to see you wearing a pair of your own knited socks.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...


I really like those mitts, Dorothy.

Heddy said...

wow ... you have been a busy knitta! Nice work - I really like the fingerless mitts (gonna go look up the pattern now - I am envious of your Envy's -- LOL!)

** Today must be a day of funny Word Verification words - the one for this comment is "badrec" and I work in the Rec. Dept (am I bad? no comment!! LOL!).

Looking forward to seeing the FO picture of those socks for the on-line friend's father