Wednesday, November 5

invisible mitts

Pretend you can see the picture of my latest mitt envy mitts. They are heather green wool from B&L. Very warm.
I altered the pattern. It says to go until there are 21 sts for the thumb; I only go up to 15. That's skipping repeat 3 of the pattern. Either I'm using thicker yarn/bigger needles than the pattern calls for ... or I have small hands. It means there are 4 cables in my final mitt rather than 5.
Of course, on this pair I meant to do one more cable repeat before I did the fingertip ribbing ... but I forgot.
And, because this picture is invisible (for the time being) you can't see where I messed up the rib on the right mitten. Not bad - 4 pairs and I only messed the cable up once!
Pair 3?? Oh, I can't tell you about that pair. Shhhhh
Pair 1 is purple, for Katie, pair 2 are green for her friend, pair 4 is for me!
Going to a friends house for coffee later - looking forward to that.

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Mary Anne said...

You have been a busy knitter with all those mitts! I am mitt envious ^.^

I hope you enjoyed coffee with your friend; there's nothing nicer than sitting down with a good friend.

hugs xx