Friday, November 7

PIF's and RAK's

Barbara mentioned that she got a PIF yesterday, showed some nice pictures on her blog. She also teased me by reminding me that she has one in the works for me.

Got me thinking. We need more PIF's and RAK's in the world.

But first, we probably need to know what they are, right?? :) PIF - Pay it Forward (remember that great movie with the very sad ending??) RAK - Random Act of Kindness

There, now you know what they are ... go do some!

Yesterday afternoon I started a pair of blue mitt envy mitts, finished them this morning. Man I'm getting fast at them!! They were going to be for one of Katie's friends for Christmas. Now I think I'm going to give them to the high school to put in their "Doing it Right Store". The kids get "coupons" if they are caught "doing it right" - wearing pink on Weds, red on Friday, doing something nice for someone, things like that. Last year they put all the names in a box, and drew out names for small prizes. This year they decided to change things, and today a store opens that the kids can cash in their Doing It Rigth coupons for products. I figure the mitts might be just the thing. Maybe I'll do a couple more pairs?

Off for my volunteer time in the elementary school library. Have a good day!

Mary Anne - hope you get mail today. Happy Birthday tomorrow!

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Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

I'm surprised that any craft show would still be on today in this storm! Although I was tempted to go to the Acadia one, I don't have a death wish. People who are not capable of driving in the snow should stay home. That's just an observation about the idiots that were swerving all over the roads when I went for a walk earlier.

SO Dorothy, when are you going to post again?? :)