Tuesday, October 14

Birdie on a Mission?

This afternoon the kids and got to witness a birdie on a mission. Not a very smart mission, but a mission. His purpose ... we're not really sure.

I was standing at the kitchen sink, getting a drink of water (you know how important it is to drink lots of water, right??) when I noticed a bird flying towards the house. Coming at a pretty good clip. Said to myself "Humm ... wonder if that is going to miss WHAM " .... well, so much for that question, guess it wasn't going to miss the house. Flew (almost said "ran"LOL) right into the dining area window. Kids jumped "What was that??" "That", I said "was a bird", as I headed out the basement to be sure it was ok.

Sitting on the ground, wings spread out, was a hairy woodpecker. Looked at it, it wasn't moving much, so I picked it up. Katie brought out her camera and got a picture of it in my hand. You could see where he had flattened out the tips of his beak a bit. We brought him inside, put him in an empty bird cage, and left him to rest. After about 15 minutes he revived himself, and let it be known that he wanted OUT NOW! Took the cage outside, opened the door, and off he flew. At least he chirped a quick "Thank you" as he flew away :)

Dan asked me how many wild birds I have held. There's been a woodpecker, sparrows, a chickadee, a robin, and probably others. My favorite of all was the hummingbird that I held once. It got caught in behind some stuff in a very sunny porch. Couldn't find it's way out. Heard this weird humming/buzzing noise ... and eventually curiosity got the best of me and I had to go find out what it was. You know, you can hardly feel a hummingbird, they are so light.

Once I get the picture off her camera I'll try to remember to post it.

On the knitting front - I got a Briggs & Little sample pack today. Their new Soft Spun looks really nice.


Kendr said...

That is crazy! You're brave to pick it up! I don't think I would have picked it up.

lexa said...


I read your article in Good Times yesterday. I was skimming through it at work and noticed "KP" -- wait a minute! I think she'd do great with cows. Maybe get her into sheep...

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow! Good story! Can't wait for the picture...

What's this about an article? Can you provide a link so the rest of us can read it? Please, purdy please?

Dorothy said...


until you asked Barbara I wasn't aware that it was online. It's a little good news only newspaper that the people who own the old base here now put out. They have a small hotel there, a mini golf, offer free drive-in's, a small convenience store, and she has a candle making business.