Friday, June 20

Yarn Shop Closing

Just saw this on kijiji, and thought I'd share. Perhaps some of you other knitters out there will be able to get to it.

Baby Emily is doing great. She's drinking up to 12cc at a time now, and there is hope that she will be off the IV early next week.

Service for Baby Madison is next Friday. :(

Been knitting dishclothes, will try to get a picture of them one day soon.

Troy has no school, Katie only has school until 1:00. It's their field day. Tomorrow is our graduation party/marshmallow roast


lexa said...

That's great that baby Emily is doing great!

Too bad about the yarn shop closing. Thanks for posting the link to the sale.

Donna said...

Glad to hear that little Emily is doing so well. All the best for her in the next few weeks!

Mary Anne said...

I hope baby Emily continues to do well.