Saturday, June 7

No WWKIP Day in Shelburne this year

I've been sick for the past 2 weeks with a head cold, and just haven't had the chance to get together with Jane to plan anything. Plus she has a film crew showing up at her place at 9am on the 14th to film a re-enactment of the Loyalist Landing. Just too much life happening.

But ... we have decided to have kick-butt event next year! Book your day off now Lexa!! :)
I'm thinking the kids and I might make a road trip to Liverpool that morning; hubby will be working.

On Ravelry I'm boobearns. So creative :) Or it could be Dorothy that shows up.

Katie and I spent 2.5 hours in town this morning trying to sell cotton candy for the 4-H club. Made a few bucks more. It's town wide yard sale day ... and boy is it ever busy in town!!

Still trying to re-size the garden pictures, perhaps later today?


Mary Anne said...

Sorry to hear you've been sick, kiddo. Boobearns - love that name for Ravelry.

lexa said...

Yay! I will be here and would finally get to meet you in person! Our fishbowl sale is on all day long. The Knit Nite girls plan on being here around 11. One won't arrive til noon cuz she has a fishing derby til 11. I'm hoping it will be a busy, fun day. :)

Dorothy said...

11 is good .. have to do some planting at the museum at 9:30. Hope nothing comes up to change my plans!