Thursday, July 17

A funny thing happened to me

while I was on the waterfront today.

We went to watch the first round of a Nova Scotia Town Criers Competition. Kinda neat! Before it all started there was a lady taking lots of pictures. And a CTV camera. (if you happen to see a lady with a peach top and a pony tail on CTV ... that's me, or a boy witha blue & yellow hat, or a girl with a blue/brown/teal/white shirt, or a little blond in a stroller)

Anyway ... the lady with the camera was pointing the camera behind me and down low. Thought maybe she was taking a picture of the town criers behind me, but no, no view of them; too low anyway, especially since the guy right there didn't have nice socks on. Humm ... look around while trying not to look around ... what is she taking a picture of?

Of all the things!! There were my monkey socks peering out over the top of my sneakers ... and that's what she got a shot of.


Heddy said...

that'[s really funny -- you'd think she would have not been so obvious about it (hasn't she heard of Kinnearing? LOL!)

It looks like a busy weekend in your neck of the woods -- have fun at the festval! I have been reading all about it in our nbewspaper.

Thanks for the happy thoughts re: Bruce -- and I may have to use your idea for a gift 9made me giggle!)

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Famous socks. Cool!

Why don't you post a picture of them for us?

lexa said...

Too funny! Yes, you'll have to show us a picture of them.