Wednesday, July 30


Not me, I'm not gifted. (or at least not in a good way LOL)

My cousin, who is down from NB visiting has been telling me on past trips about this great craft shop that she goes to; things are extremely cheap. Like sock yarn for $2.00 a skein. Yeah, I didn't believe it either!
So ... today she came here for a short visit, then we went to the hospitals second hand store looking for treasures, then back to my Mom's (where she and her hubby are staying). And she gifted me with 3.5 skeins of this. Yup, discontinued Lion Brand Magic Stripes yarn, in color 202 - shades of blue. She now has instructions to buy me some whenever she sees sock yarn there, I'm not fussy about color.
(Picture shows the On Your Toes that I got for my b-day, and the yarn I got today)

This is a picture of our mare Dancer - we just sold her. She went to her new home on Thursday. In this picture her new Mom is on her back. I swear that the girls smile could not get any bigger - this was taken her first time on her back.

Oh, and Barbara, I'll be trying to post more, and that includes more pictures :)

This is a bouquet I picked from my gardens this morning ... first time doing this. It's all Neville's fault, him and his "pick your flowers, take them inside and enjoy them" on BT every second Weds finally got to me!


Donna M said...

Lovely flowers!
Good for you on the yarn!

lexa said...

Nice gift yarn, and the bouquet is gorgeous!

Mary Anne said...

The yarn is lovely and your flowers are beautiful. It's good to see Dancer's new owner so happy too.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Wow, cheap yarn!! Lucky woman!
Gorgeous flowers. I'm so jealous. Love that pink lily. Glad to hear you will be posting more. And I always love your pictures. :D

BTW, I can confirm that Zellers is now carrying Briggs & Little Heritage, for $3.99/hank. Can you believe it??