Thursday, July 24

Things that make you go "hummm"

I'm having a "hummmm" moment.

All my life I've thought shingles were
A) the things on the roof, and
B) a form of chicken pox that old people got.

So, why does my son, who is 14, have them?? Doctor didn't give him any medications for the pain - the one that his little "book" told him to give DS is already on - it's one of his epilepsy meds. I thought that was kind of funny.

I've been working in the kitchen at our church's DVBS this week. I've knit 1.5 scarves so far.

I've also been working on the peacock feather shawl - I'm on row 124 or so of it. So far, so good. There's a few mistakes ... and if you see it and point those mistakes out to me, I'll stomp on your foot!!

Today we sold one of our horses. We delivered her to her new home in Yarmouth this morning. Then this afternoon I took Katie into the exhibition grounds so she could ride for a while. Then I was home for a bit, then took Troy to get groceries and to see the doctor. Now I'm just waiting for my sister to call and say she's ready to go make cotton candy.

It's Founder's Days here this weekend, and the fire dept. ladies aux. has a booth. We make the cotton candy up ahead of time and store it at the firehall. Makes it quicker and less messy on the waterfront.

Oh, if you happen to know what Barbara is working on, don't be mean and tease me!!


lexa said...

My husband hand shingles when he was just a kid. I don't think it's that common. Hope he gets over them soon, I hear they're really painful. :(

Donna M said...

Sorry to hear about your son`s bout with shingles. Very unpleasant.
Have a great time at Founder`s Days!

Mary Anne said...

Shingles can be very painful and I'm sorry to hear the kiddo has a bout of them.

Have fun this weekend!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dorothy! I know, I know, and I am NOT telling.

Sorry to hear about your son's suffering. Did the doc say if they're contagious? May they pass quickly and leave no emotional scars.