Monday, August 25

Aug 25th .... humm, what to title this post??

Tomorrow is a big day for hubby and myself. Tomorrow celebrates 19 years of marriage.

19 years ago we spent the night in a friends cottage beside the river. They promised us that in 20 years we could spend the night there again. In the mean time they have torn down the little cottage we stayed in and built a much, much, much nicer one. I mean, this cottage is way better than my house! And, yes, the deal to stay there next year still stands :)

No special plans. Think we will make up some cards that say something about it being our anniversary on them, and go geocaching, leaving the cards in the ones that we find. I did pick up some lime and ?? marinated steaks from Sobeys last week to cook for our supper. Will make rice and veggies to go with them. (and hotdogs for the kids)

Shawl update. I'm on row 211 or so of 250!! It's getting there, slowly. It takes me about 45 minutes to do a pattern row and a purl row.

Started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Re-started a pair of broadripple socks. Got past the heel on this attempt ... and just noticed a mistake in the pattern on the top of the foot. You know what?? They're for me .. the mistake is going to stay!!

Hope to read some new posts from those people over there in that blogs I visit colume :) Heddy has been having lots of fun with Mr. Bruce. And Donna is having fun with Maggie and Gunni. They are almost making me want to look for a dog ... almost! :)

Have a good one!

Perhaps I should call this post "my lucky day"?? I just bought a HP laptop for a very good price, seems to work great, has the programs on it that I use ... already thinking of using it when we go to 4-H Pro Show the end of Sept.


Donna M said...

No one but you will notice the tiny mistake in your Broadripple socks. Plus it will probably be under your shoes anyway! Good luck finishing them!

lexa said...

Have a nice anniversary tomorrow!

Mary Anne said...

Congratulations! I hope your day was special.

Heddy said...

HAppy Anniversary!

You should have a puppy -- everyone needs the chance to clean up pee every hour for 2 months! ;)