Sunday, August 17


Nothing much has been going on.

Took about 2400 puppets to the IWK on Monday - they were thrilled to get them.

I'm plugging away on this. I'm down to where the bigger feather start. Last night I knit one row, and it gave me a whole bunch of trouble. Took me 45 minutes!! I'm on row 167 of 250 or so. I'll hopefully get a picture of my progess so far later on today. Doesn't look very nice all bunched up on a round needle :)

Our computer has been acting up, and we had to replace the hard drive. So now I'm slowly rebuilding my favorites and email addys. If you haven't heard from me, drop me a line, please :)

Have a good day!

ARRGGHHHH Made a mistake, and need to go back to the life line that I put in; 18 rows! Thank goodness I put that life line in though!

PHEW!! This morning I was able to take another look at the shawl, and was able to find where I had dropped 3 stitches. Picked them up, and was able to finish the row with no further problems.
It all started when I accidently purled a knit row ... and a whole row that had to come out. And being as careful as I was I dropped some stitches. But, thankfully I ended up only losing 3 rows of knitting ... much better than 18 rows!! I'll be putting in another life line before I go any further!


Donna M said...

Congrats on your finger puppets!
Love the shawl!

lexa said...

That's a lot of finger puppets!

Mary Anne said...

Darn computers, they are wonderful when they work properly! Hope you get everything set up with no problems.

and thank goodness for that lifeline!