Thursday, July 12

Yesterday was my Birthday

I woke up to find the sofa full of balloons. Some had "must pop" written on them. Since it was only 5:45 I was nice and didn't pop them loudly. Katie has made a bunch of gift certificates and put in them. Breakfast in bed, cup of coffee, hug, huge hug, ukulele tuning, batch of gluten free cookies, nail painting.

I think the "breakfast in bed" one is supposed to be used by her ... cause it doesn't happen very often that she is up before me :)

Dan and Troy registered me to go to Dock Street Uke Camp

I made up a little ukulele tune music book for myself. And I helped paint the new photo studio. We went to Yarmouth.

It was a good day.

It was also my sister-in-laws birthday, and her dogs birthday :D

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lexa said...

Happy belated birthday!