Thursday, July 5

OK, so I don't like the new way of posting to my blog. UGH! What's been going on here? Hubby has built a "small" building. I call her Cinderella; no real reason ... just because :)
This is what the outside of it looks like. That non sided part - there is going to be series of pop can solar air heaters there. They will have to be made.
This is the first floor. This is where canoes will be built, repaired, restored ... got a canoe that needs work ... contact us!!
And this is the upstairs. Photography studio and print shop. We'll be offering printing services to photographers up and down the south shore. Need something printed?? August 1st is our "grand opening". Coming quickly!!! Electrical inspector is coming tomorrow, and hopefully tomorrow NS Power will be able to run the power from the pole across the road to the pole they had to put in for us, to the building. Then we can move things out of the basement :) The basement ... eventually I'm going to have a rec room down there :) Have a good day!!


Dorothy said...

why oh why can't I post in paragraphs????

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Great news, Dorothy! Congratulations!
Not liking the new blogger too much, either, but since I haven't posted in so long I really have no right to complain. :(