Wednesday, July 4

A quick update

OK, so I have a friend who has been bugging for an update. So ... here I go. What's new ... nothing exciting. I've knit Troy another pair of orange socks; these ones done using Opal sock yarn. No pictures though. I'm working on a baby jacket; it'll be a gift for a friend who is expecting a baby girl in Sept. School is done. Troy goes into grade 12 next year, Katie into grade 11. YIKES!!! Exhibition is coming quickly ... too quickly. Need to make a shirt or two for Katie between now and Aug 4th. Trying to get my beach glass candy into a few places to be sold - no luck yet :( There you go, this might get back to the routine of posting more often. Maybe I can find where the pictures are hiding on the network so I can add some to my next post??


Dorothy said...

Hummmm ... when I typed that it was a series of short paragraphs ... not one big huge one!

Toutoune98 said...

Nice to see an update! Hope you'll have a nice summer and sell lots of candy :-)