Saturday, April 7

Happy Easter!!

Two weekends ago the kids and I took part in a series of blues workshops. Well, Katie and I took part, Troy watched. And I took part because I was "forced" to. It was hosted by Shirley Jackson and Her Good Rockin' Daddies.

Katie played along with the band in several songs. She did an awesome job! I'm so proud of her. It was nice to see her on stage, with a real band, playing her electric guitar :)

I learned to play along with them in one song on the ukulele. It's an instrument I've been puttering with for about a month or so. That morning I learned that my little ukulele I had picked up at the nu-2-u was not very good. That meant I got to use Shirleys nice one for the day :)

This is me, playing her ukulele, wearing my bonfire shawl. This is the yarn my sister had given me for Christmas.

Now I'm working on knitting a case for the new ukulele that hubby bought for me :) Just the strap left to knit and felt. Then I'll share a picture of that.

Happy Easter!!
Hope the bunny leaves you lots of yummy treats.

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Toutoune98 said...

A very nice pic of you!

Happy Easter!