Tuesday, February 28


There is a post below this that is new ... it's one I had saved as a draft.When I posted it it posted at the date I first saved it. So, please scroll down to see it. It's about finger puppets :)

We went to Yarmouth one day, and while I was looking at yarn Troy said he wanted socks. And he had picked out the yarn.
Bright orange. BRIGHT orange!

Think he likes them??


Toutoune98 said...

What a happy boy!!!! He's so cute! and the socks too :-)

lexa said...

My Oldest picks out bright sock colors, too. At a Knit Nite swap recently someone had two skeins of a bright hunter orange yarn that I just HAD to get, lol, to make something for him.

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Yeah, I think he likes them, just a little! :)