Tuesday, October 19

15 Day till Toronto :)

It's getting closer and closer. My flight goes at 11:05 on the 3rd (think that's the right time - my e-ticket is here somewhere) So what am I doing? I'm watching MayDay ... all about plane crashes. Silly me.

Been knitting. Have made a pair of Briggs & Little Tuffy socks (with a mystery wool yarn for the heels and toes) that were ordered.

One half pair of thrummed bedsocks that were also ordered. One half pair of socks for my daughter.

I still have plans to make some thrummed mittens for an upcoming craft sale. And hopefully some socks for Christmas gifts ... my fingers had better get busy.

Oh, I'm also working on some sewn mittens; made from felted sweaters. None finished yet because I'm having a difference of opinion with my serger at the moment. Might have to give in and do them on my regular sewing machine. Hope to have a pair of them to take to my roommate at the conference.

And today I received a RAK from Heddy in the mail. Thank you very much! I like it very much!! It's proudly displayed in my living room.

So, what do you think of the new blog colors??


Heddy said...

I am glad you like it ... it was fun to create :)

Donna M said...

Love your new colours!