Saturday, October 2

4-H Pro-Show

What a weekend.
Drove to Truro yesterday. Set up our booth, got the horse and chicken settled in, waited forever for them to finish judging, then moved all the judged articles to the booth. Got to bed around midnight.
Today Katie had showmanship - she got 6th place in a class of 13. The judge was the man who judged our Shelburne Exhibition in '08 ... she was happy about that. It was nice to see him. And he remembered her.
In Western Equitation she didn't get a placing. Dee was not being a good girl.
In Western Pleasure she got fourth place. That made us very happy. :) So proud of her.
In Jr. Western Reining she got .... are you ready .... FIRST PLACE!!! WooHooooo So very very proud and happy. Then her friend Kaleigh won in Sr. Reining. Kaleigh went on to be the grand champion - Katie was third place in that.
Poultry showmanship didn't go quite so well. But oh well, it's experience :)
Now we're at the hotel for a rest. Heading back later for the fashion show and possibly tug-of-war.
Got to meet Barbara today :) Another good thing that happened today!
And I judged the vegetable prep competition ... another first :)
Yup, need a nap!


lexa said...

6th place out of 13 - not bad! Congrats!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

It was way cool to finally meet you, Dorothy. Hope you can use all that yarn!