Thursday, October 28

Shoulder update

Went to see my doctor today. He says I have tendonitis in my shoulder, not a torn rotator cuff. That's a good thing!! My range of motion is almost back to what it was before, certain movements still hurt.

I have turned the heel on the second thrummed sock, and on the second sock for Katie.

This time next week I'll be at the CN Tower :) Leave for Toronto next Weds at 11:05am. There'll be 10 4-H leaders and I forget how many 4-H members on the flight. (I think they go on the same flight as the leaders)

What do I take to knit on the plane?? Do I take anything? Wish I had a big ball of cotton yarn - I'd knit dishcloths. Suggestions??

Pictures when the socks are done, I promise


Heddy said...

socks are great plane knitting :)(small, compact and easy) Have fun on your trip

Donna M said...

I agree with Heddy. Socks are my plane projects!