Monday, October 25

Knitting on Hold

I have the second sock for Katie ready to have the heel started.
The second of the thrummed socks is started.

But, knitting has been put on hold.

Somehow I managed to tear my rotator cuff on Saturday. Am on anti-inflamatory pills and muscle relaxer pills now. :(

I am going to attempt to knit on Katie's socks today; they're small and light. In my mind it should be OK ... we'll see how it goes.

My space bar has something under it ... it's makes a noise everytime I hit it. Most annoying~!! MaybeI'lltypeallmywordstogethertoavoidusingit???


lexa said...

Ouch! Get well soon!

Heddy said...

I feel for you girl ... tore both of mine over the past two years -- it is no fun! I have been in physio since April; for my left rotator cuff. I hope you can still knit!

Barbara from Nova Scotia said...

Oh no!! Hope you feel better soon!

BTW, I like the new blog colours!