Friday, June 2

It's raining, it's pouring

the old man is snoring. Went to bed and bumped his head and couldn't get up in the morning.

And we don't have to get up as early in the morning as we thought we were going to have to. Katie's riding clinic got post-poned because of the rain. The instructor didn't feel she could give the kids as much riding time as she wanted - which wasn't fair to them. Plus they are calling for thunder, and they worried about horses spooking at the noise.

OK with me - I really didn't want to go hang out at a cold, wet barn for 2 days. Cause you know I would have gotten wet too.

I've developed a cough. I'm not impressed.

The supper last night went well. Took us 13 minutes to serve about 140 people a complete turkey supper. And that's with the firemen's pager going off in the middle of it all and stopping us for half a minute or so. (they were just on standby for the next towns fire dept - because they were out fighting a fire)

Not much else going on here. Rain!


lexa said...

I hear you on the rain! My chimney needs to be rebricked, so when it rains and especially depending on which way the wind blows it leaks in my fireplace. No camping for us this weekend! I should be able to finally get some knitting done. It's not been a good week for that!

Mary Anne said...


so sorry to hear you have a cough. That is no fun. I hope you feel better soon, kiddo.
mary anne

lexa said...

Thought of you when I saw this!

Donna said...

We may never need rain again after this weekend. Sorry you missed your riding clinic.
I would laso love to see a pic of the finger puppets.