Monday, June 5

Monday, Monday

I know it's a song, but that's all the words I can remember right now. Might not even be those words :)

The sun is trying hard to shine. I do hope it has success!!

Just got done putting the primer coat on the final parts of 2 walls to be painted in the craft room. I'm looking forward to being able to escape the heat down there this summer! Hubby tried to get me a comfy chair at an auction on Saturday, but someone else wanted it more than him. Oh well, there's another auction in 2 weeks time.

He did get me a barometer. One of the ones that hang on the wall, and you put colored water in them. I'm not sure how they work, but I think they look really neat :)

Had to drive the kids to school today. Katie had to take in her science fair project. She was in tears last night over having to do the oral presentation to her class today. I told her to talk to her teacher, and he'd help her get through it. Off we went with her bristol board display, and a milk crate full of combed and uncombed fleece, a set of carding combs, a drop spindle, a pair of wool socks, and a wool sock that is on the needles. I hope she does well on the project! Hubby says I did a good job on it :)

Hubby was doing stuff to the computer on the weekend, and lost my emails. Again. Oh well. I'll fill my inbox up again in no time :)

Tonight I'll hopefully get a picture of a finger puppet - and get it on the computer somewhere where I can find it to put in my blog! I hope you aren't disappointed when you see how simple they are!

And now to go boil some raisins for the cookies I want to make this afternoon.
Have a good one!

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lexa said...

My son is in primary and has a science fair next Friday. We are doing a bristol board display of the planets, and he has an electronic trivia thing a bit bigger than a keyboard to take in as well. He rocks back and forth from one foot to another when he has to do presentations. A nervous thing! When my mother was little she had to do oral presentations standing back-to the class! She couldn't do it if she had to face them! Hope your little one makes out okay!